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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


The surest thing
I've ever done—

ripe avocado
     skin rough and pit silky, fitting the palm
bright lemon
     stinging just a little in a cut finger
sea salt
a clove of garlic
onion and tomato
crushed red chile, seeds and pods
     to breathe
     to become

and then the glazed blue bowl
     textured like avocado skin
yielding its alchemy.

No measuring,
just practice, taste,
this ritual I've followed
almost all my life

that always brings
a kind of clarity
I'd forget otherwise

and gives me back myself
my Santa Fe childhood
those gatherings of friends in later years
     on Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay
that hillside in Mallorca, where after
deliberating words all day
with other writers
we'd have gin and tonic
little grilled peppers
and guacamole
while the sun went down below us
in that distant sea

strange and always familiar


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