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Friday, September 2, 2011

Generated Plots

These fine ideas from one of the plot-generating Web sites—which I must do something with!

A quartet of wimpy accountants holds a slumber party in a cave.

A couple of touchy accountants gain valuable experience on a cruise ship.

A cartographer, a talent scout, and a scientist find a lost crab.

Three sedated eskimoes discover an ancient burial ground in a military outpost.

An one-handed refugee from England, a mutant gardener, and a documentary filmmaker go on a date.

The peculiar adopted son of a figure skater has a major breakdown, while the granddaughter of an old topiary expert plots to take over the world elsewhere in the hospital.

Six ukelele-playing refugees from New York discover their true selves on a subway train.

Three vegetarian fairies teach everyone a valuable lesson.

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