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Friday, August 26, 2011


Serene Rose lipstick
a Micky Spillane crossword puzzle
a recipe for garden spring rolls clipped out of the local newspaper
red but dejected teddy bear
dozens of inhalers
roll of stamps
quarters for casino
blue and white dishtowel with blue hearts
sprouting garlic
abalone shell from Long Beach forty-seven years ago
impeccably clean sheets
several gallons of Chinese chicken salad
turquoise jelly beans
birch trees and a linden
a sturdy old barometer
a neighbor lonely for talk
Zoe the cat fretting against the back screen door
picture of me at twenty-four looking unlike myself
a gallon of Johnnie Walker Red
a bottle holding the remembrance of White Linen
a tiny jade frog
a Norwegian back-scratcher
the chicken doorstop
the rain barrel, now full, whose lip Zoe drinks from
those fine New Mexican clouds
a Chinese fortune, “You will be happily surprised by a long-time friend”
a dryer full of towels
her deck of playing cards


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